Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gunter Tigers Baseball

The Gunter Tigers

Located in a small town of under 1,200 are 12 eight year old boys who love baseball and have been working hard to be the best in the land. Since early spring, the Gunter Tigers Dixie 8U team has been practicing running bases, fielding balls, and batting. Since then they have faced and beaten the best teams from around the state...big city or small. Experience our journey as we worked to be "fired up" all the way to the Dixie World Series.

Pre-game Chant "Fired Up!"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dixie National Tournament - Longview, Tx

Dixie Coach Pitch National Tournament
Longview, Texas
July 16 - 19, 2010

The Gunter Tigers are the Dixie Regional World Series Champions! After outscoring their opponents by 126-23 and going undefeated, the Tigers brought home the World Series Championship.

Bracket Details

The Details

Gunter 21 - North Sabine, La. 1
Gunter 16 - Franklin Co., Tx 2
Gunter 16 - Pineville, La 2
Gunter 16 - Valley View, Tx 2
Gunter 20 - Panola County, Tx 4
Gunter 10 - Prosper 8
Gunter 7 - Prosper 2

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dixie State Tournament - Sulphur Springs, Tx

Coach Pitch State Tournament (final bracket)
Sulphur Springs, Texas
July 3 - 7, 2010

The Gunter Tigers went to Sulphur Springs and won the Texas Dixie State Championship.

Parents view professional images taken by Sulphur Spring's photographer...

How do we feel? Fired Up! (video)

Pre-game Prayer

Our dugout and new bat bags

Pre-game Introductions

Celebration Gatorade dump
The Details:
Gunter 21 - East Montgomery County 4
Gunter 10 - Huntington 0
Gunter 7 - Panola 4
Gunter 13 - New Diana 2
Gunter 11 - Franklin 12
Gunter 10 - Franklin 4
Gunter 3 - Prosper 5
Gunter 15 - Prosper 14
Gunter 8 - Prosper 5

Gunter Texas Tigers U8 Dixie State Champions

The last out celebration (video)

Dixie Regional Tournament - Melissa, Tx

Coach Pitch Regional Tournament
Melissa, Texas
June 18 - 20, 2010

Had a good run through Regionals... The boys were ready to play and stayed focused!

The Details:

Gunter 21 - Princeton National 0
Gunter 21 - Melissa White 0
Gunter 17 - Van Alstyne 4
Gunter 16 - Melissa Red 0
Gunter 16 - Van Alstyne 0

Gunter Texas Tigers U8 Dixie Region 1 Champions

Our Practice Tournaments

"Young Guns" was the name of our team as we prepared for the Dixie League playoffs. We did very well in USSSA and North Texas tournaments this Spring. We were ranked the #1 U8 AA team in the nation. Get your "Guns Up!"

Gloves on the Ground

Our families have also grown close as we support and encourage the kids.

Get'm, Get'm Get'm... Quick! Quick! Quick!

Gloves on the Ground

The Coaches

A lot of sacrifice goes into teaching these kids and preparing the fields and coordinating all the events.

From learning the situation...

To thinking through the "at bat"...

To reminding us of our form...

To training us to run the bases...

To getting out of an inning...

Our coaches prepare us for the entire game...

We have some great coaches

The Dugout

These boys have played a lot of baseball together and grown very close.

The dugout is a crazy place sometimes!

Hanging out between games each weekend gave opportunities to chill together.

We had the chance to watch the other teams before we took the field.


The Gunter Tigers pride themselves on solid defense. Lots of ground balls and line drives made for some great "reaction times" from the kids.

Don't mess up twice, or go ahead and "take a lap."

By game time, we were ready for anything.

Batting Practices

Between Jeremy's private lessons, the Gunter fields, and Josh's cage the boys have hit thousands of balls into the net.

Before every tournament game, we hit the cages for about an hour.

Before every Dixie League game we hit the soft toss hard.

Josh's portable bag sure came in handy! A hit over the net got some of us in trouble. :)

Practice makes perfect!